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DSK is short for “Design System Kit” – a workbench for collaboratively creating Design Systems. Today we're glad to announce the general availability of stable version 1.1. This is the first minor release following the initial release of DSK in 2018.

With this release we’re significantly extending the search capabilities, introducing initial Git support and refining the built-in frontend of DSK.

Search is now driven by the go native “bleve” text indexing library, which enables us to perform advanced analysis on the searched text and use the best fitting matching algorithms. The result is better results, even if your query includes small typos or asks for a different form of the same word.

The – already present – filtering feature has been improved and will now use prefix and real fuzzy matching under the hood. The full-text search feature is really brand-new: it helps to find important design aspects even in very large design systems, where these naturally get lost more easily. We’ve intentionally chosen to implement search directly within DSK instead of relying on external services: We are sure that less external dependencies make deployments easier, especially in corporate environments.

With the introduction of full-text search, we’re dropping support for the keywords option in the meta.yaml files. The search indexer will “generate” keywords for you automatically.

The built-in frontend now shows more meta data for each design aspect: author information, download file sizes, as well as the exact and correct modified date, which can also be read from Git. We visually cleaned up the frontend in many places and are using CSS Grid to create the general layout.

The core team likes to take the chance to thank the contributors, who suggested solutions, tested pre-releases and improved or implemented new features. Thanks to Zach Wegrzyniak for contributing to the search implementation and edge-testing the Git foundations, thanks to Rodolfo Marraffa for working on the built-in frontend with us.

Please see the changelog for the complete list of changes. The latest release can be downloaded from the releases section of our GitHub project page.

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Christoph Labacher (via Notes) 27. Mai 2020
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